Here at KYC we tell our brand story through knit shoes! is the world’s first collective knit shoes shopping platform.

The fashion industry has been listed as the second highest polluting industry on our planet, therefore we aim to make a difference in this business. Providing people with knit shoes while bearing the earth-friendly spirit in mind is at the core of our corporation.

Perhaps it is extremely challenging for the fashion industry to go 100% green today. However, we strive to design and manufacture products that have a minimal impact on our environment. We work tirelessly to reduce global pollution from the very start of production by reducing waste. This is just one of the many ways through which we value Mother Nature. Continuing the search for earth-friendlier and/or more sustainable materials is the direction that we are headed – and we do not intend to stop.

KYC sincerely invites you to ‘knit your creation’ to experience low environmental impact fashion!

Our vision is to change the way people perceive fashion
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Adopts a digital knitting technique to manufacture every single shoe, allowing us to minimize the thread end count during production. In so doing, we are able to reduce the amount of waste and take pride in running our earth-friendly business. This also goes on to show our attitude towards fashion: we do care a great deal about planet Earth.

We cannot win this battle against pollution alone as just one single brand. We plan to seek out like-minded brands and/or designers and welcome them to join us. Together we can work towards generating awareness on
low environmental impact fashion!

Designmers Crossover Project

Traditional shoe manufacturing produces massive amounts of scrap, which is a waste of resource and contaminates our planet. Digital knitting, on the other hand, ‘knits’ the upper, which reduces production waste and lightens the burden on the environment.

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Traditional shoe
 Digital knitting 
inooknit shoes
inooknit shoes
inooknit shoes
Apart from them
being earth-friendly
we also recommend
knit shoes for
these reasons

Other than their breathable attribute, knit shoes can also achieve exceptional permeability via a plethora of knitting designs.


The stretchable nature of yarn helps to enhance the elasticity in the upper via different weaving compositions and/or methods, which is why knit shoes offer the most comfortable level of tightness for most types of feet.