Highlights at Taipei Fashion Week 2022AW

Highlights at Taipei Fashion Week 2022AW



Thank you for everyone’s visit to Taipei Fashion Week in Taiwan from 24th to 28th March 2022!

KYC displayed its first collection in the showroom during Taipei Fashion Week.

We presented our first collection of building a timeless capsule wardrobe. Using the WHOLEGARMENT® 3D knitting technology made the entire collection knitted out of one-piece items, creating almost no waste. It was a unique opportunity to promote our idea of sustainable knitwear to an international audience of buyers, textile partners and fashion students. And there were several online business meetings with buyers from Italy, France, America, Japan, and China, and local buyers visiting us in person.

We also held a seminar to share the topic about on-demand fashion - How 3D Knitting leads to a buy less, buy a better model. Some discussions after this seminar also inspired and encouraged us to make the design or this manufacturing process better.

Thank you all for participating with us on a journey to a sustainable destination. It is just a tiny step initially, and we hope we will keep going to a utopia of a brand new fashion industry with everyone who cares about the future.

Any collaboration or press needs, please email us.


Left: Buyers visited our 3D knitting collection at the booth.;
Right: We shared the views of on-demanding fashion and a 3D knitting manufacturer model. 

Behind the scene in the preparation of the online business meetings.


Our mission is to use knit technology and eco-friendly material to make every creation come true. And the most important is to work with every partner to create an ideal industrial system.