By wearing a pair of Tiosebon Sneakers, you are actively protecting the ocean, as every pair uses 7 plastic bottles that will never make it to our seas. We also use old recycled garments. This means we’re fighting new cotton farming- reducing the use of pesticides, fertilizer, water usage, solar energy usage, and CO2 emission.
Tiosebon &Konhill, a premier international online shoe store.which focuses on providing the latest affordable, fashion style comfortable shoes.

With over 6 years of online experience, our shoes are especially popular in major online store platforms.
Our Hot sale knitted walking shoes are over 20M+ pairs sold.
By maintaining a creative and innovative team, We have created shoes that are comfortable & light as if you are wearing a sock with deep cushioning which is highly recommended for people whose work involves always standing up.
Our mission is to use knit technology and eco-friendly material to make every creation come true. And the most important is to work with every partner to create an ideal industrial system.