• Style number:IK-BJ3FW3722-555
  • Material:VISCOSE/PBT
  • F

About WHOLEGARMENT®   3D Knitting

How is it made?

In general, parts of conventional clothing such as the front body, the back body and the sleeves are knitted separately, which requires a post sewing or linking process. Inooknit is working with SHIMA SEIKI Company applying the innovative complete garment knitting technology to manufacture the entire clothing, using a string of yarn through the 3D computerized flat-knitting machine. No cutting and sewing or other post procedures are required, thus reducing a lot of labor work and production time.


WHOLEGARMENT is Friendly Knitwear

.Does not acquire sewing andother subsequent procedure, no unnecessary materials are wasted
.Can be three-dimensionalweaving for any object, suitable for various body types
.Can bring you a whole newcomfortable and soft wearing experience without feeling tight or having anyforeign body sensation
The fiber is derived from renewable wood sources. The production reduces pollutant emission and water pollution by up to 50% compared to conventional fibers.

.Smooth cashmere touch

.Moisture wicking

.Antibacterial and deodorant

.UV proctection

SNOWY DRESS:This elegant design with unique details, the zebra pattern and roll-neck combine tone on tone color, sleeves with ruched detailing can be adjusted to be elongate or shorten. All the details provide an elegance with comfort look. In this autumn and winter go for an entire new look and offer wardrobe versatility.

※Tips: The two ways to wear this one-piece dresses, with the front tie fastening that can give off a classy and chic look or wear it without! First, tie the knot makes you look smart and elegant. Second way to wear without the front tie, casual style for extra comfort. Sleeves with ruched detailing can be adjusted to be elongate or shorten.


►Size:length 34"、bust 17.5"

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