+ Soupy Crossover Loafer/Fuscous

  • Style number:ST-AI3FW0401-222
  • Material:Polyester/Spandex
  • US 6.0
  • US 6.5
  • US 7.0
  • US 7.5
  • US 8.0
  • US 8.5
  • US 9.0

My design was inspired by the human best friend's dog.
Wear the shoes, enjoying each other’s company, feeling at ease.

The dog in a different poses wearing a white shirt, Fedora hat, cloak with Herringbone pattern and the gold glasses and tobacco pipe to present the background story of shoes- Sherlock Holmes.
It’s like an adventure to observe the owner's safety.

inooknit with designer
First impression of knitted shoes:

Recently more and more friends recommend knitted shoes which is lightweight and easy to wear. Most shoes launch in the marketing can’t satisfy my requirements, before I know the brand called “inooknit”, they provide the shoes with functional and attractive.

Which style do you prefer to match with loafer?

In my opinion, one of the advantages of loafer is that it can match your style well and take on and off easily.
It seems to me that skinny jeans or wide leg pants are suitable for loafers. In addition to the casual situation, I will also wear loafer during traveling time. It’s comfortable to wear and stylish.

step 1
Let the neutral detergent stay on upper for5~10min
step 2
Wipe with a damp cloth to dry the upper.
step 3
Stuffing your shoes with paper towels to maintain shape and we suggest the shoes to air dry.
Machine Washing
step 1
Set washing machine to the delicate setting, cold temperature, slow or no spin.
Stuffing your shoes with paper towels to maintain shape and we suggest the shoes to air dry.
  1. You can change mind within 30 days and returned products must be with original packaging and condition.
  2. If you are the top 100 purchaser, please return the Soupy tote bag at the time.
  3. Membership > Order&Tracking > Find your return order No.> Request a return and send back by yourself.

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