KYC 的推薦品牌
KYC以「低環境衝擊的時尚」為核心,推廣針織鞋環保友善地球的概念--低廢料製程或環保材質使用 。


Subs is a jandal company from New Zealand. We aim to prevent and reduce plastic waste by transforming it into high-performance, recycled plastic flip-flops.
Subs flip-flops are super comfy to wear, highly durable, upcyclable and environmentally friendly! Our jandal, tote & satchel bag range are made of recycled plastic sourced partly from beach cleans, post-consumer waste plastic, plus commercial and industrial plastic waste recycling, and we pledge to remove one kilo (2.20 lb) of marine debris from our ocean ecosystems for every pair sold.
- Our impact to date: 166,525 kg or 367,125 lb of marine debris removed from our ocean ecosystems.
Additional info:
•Plastic waste that is otherwise bound for landfills is one of the main components of recycled plastic that we currently source for Subs' jandals, totes & satchels, mostly coming from commercial, post-consumer, industrial plastic waste, and some that we recover directly from the ocean.

•The plastic that we recover from our beach cleaning efforts that is recyclable is sent for sorting and further processing by third-party companies and combined with commercial and industrial plastic waste from sources such as hospitals (vinyl gloves), construction (wire casing and pipes) which is all processed together in a circular economy to make Subs formula pellets ready for injection moulding.

•We use RPVC (recycled PVC) in our jandals and RPET (recycled PET) in our bags.