T This highly stretchable type of elastic yarn has been used in the production of socks, sportswear and leotards because of its thick, flexible and close-fitting nature. At KYC, we use high stretch yarns to make the upper of our knit shoes.

The spring-like elastic attribute of the material offers the maximum comfortable level of tightness for all types of feet without becoming distorted or loose over time.

This type of yarn with high tenacity boasts a rich hand feel yet soft and delicate. When integrated with the upper, high stretch yarns help to ease pressure on the toes and balls of feet; in addition, they give the feet that tender and comfortable sensation.

Through specialised knitting technique and arrangements, high stretch yarns are knitted into a robust but soft elastic upper, and after being applied to an accommodating outsole, a pair of comfortable knit shoes is made.

High Stretch Yarn
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