SAUNTER/Crocus Petal

  • Style number:IK-BJ1FW0602-686
  • Material:Polyester
  • US 6.0
  • US 6.5
  • US 7.0
  • US 7.5
  • US 8.0
  • US 8.5
  • US 9.0
  • US 9.5
  • US 10.0
SAUNTER/Crocus Petal:The subdued tones with this clean and simple silhouette offers versatile wear. A great blend of casual style and soft yarns, create the new wearing experience of comfort.

Collagen Bionic Yarn Collection:The champagne gold color Bionic Yarn is made by UMORFIL®Technology that integrates ocean collagen peptide amino acid with polyester. It changes the molecular formula and creates the bionic polyester contained amino acid, just like wool or silk.


inooknit uses yarns with high flexibility, the strechable upper keeps your feet cozy all day long.

All-day-everyday ease
Perfectly Fit

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